EDLT 536 Learning Sciences & Instructional Design Final Project : Project Based Learning Digital Storytelling

Stephanie D. Austin-Johnson

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Project based learning is an excellent tool to reach students on all instructional levels. It fosters cooperation and collaboration while ensuring that all students have an opportunity to showcase their individual skills and talents.


As the basis of my final project I introduced the project based learning concept of digital storytelling to one f out 12th grade Humanities classes at my high school Maritime Academy Charter High School.


On the pages that follow you will follow the outline of the project and see examples of the applications that students will use as well as see the various rubrics that will be used to grade t heir work. All rubrics were given to the students at the beginning of the project as this is almost a full year assignment that will cover the 2nd,3rd and 4th quarter grading periods of our school year.


I hope you enjoy the project!