This wikispace was started to help the Montgomery County IU Curriculum & Technology and Technology Directors councils discuss the value of wiki's in education.

Common Craft YouTube Video
Wikis in Plain English

The following links will help us begin to discuss/debate/ponder the question..."Why Wiki's?"

I think that in order to understand "Why Wiki" we need to discuss what our goals are for teaching and learning. If they are to create more student-centered, collaborative, real time, meaningful learning then we can begin to discuss the tools that will help us achieve these goals of teaching and learning.

If we decide Wiki is the way to go, then we need to figure out "How Wiki" - internal or external...there are positives and negatives to both. If we have not yet connected inbetween the own walls of our district, maybe we should start there before trying to connect to the world.

Why Wiki? - Kids as Designers
Student wikis can be found here.

Classroom Ideas for Wiki's
Wiki Why's, Wiki How's, How Wiki's Help Students

Vicki Davis's Blog Entry on Using Wiki's

Latin America Project - Upper Merion School District

SLAMOVE - Science Leadership Academy Student Project

Science Leadership Academy Professional Development Wiki

Other wiki sites for free wiki creation: