Students in Learning Science and Instructional Design will be sharing their final project designs here. We are using Wikispaces so that both classes can share and comment on each other's projects.

Shermaine Wright-Final Project Paper and Presentation

Chantelle Smith -Final Project

Kathy Bellas - final project presentation.

Patricia Young Project Presentation

Dynita Padgett's Final Project

Adara Richardson's Project Presentation. Please let me know if you are unable to view the project. Also all comment, questions, or concerns are welcome. I have given my project a name and I have also just listed the major themes for my idea and where I would like it to go.

Michelle Gurny's Project Presentation

Teresa Peck's final project presentation:
This is only an intro to my project. My project is a game simulation to teach how to survive real or make believe disaster.

Nicole Karczewski's project

Teena Ferroni's project:
Ferroni_Final Project Presentation Page.docx

Sherri Place's project
Course Teaching with LearningLinks.htm (might have a weird display -- the PDF might be prettier)
place_final project_EDLT 536.pdf

Kara Dotsey's project:
or Dotsey_Final_Presentation.ppt (Like Sherri, my htm file doesn't look as nice. Also all of the items listed on this page are hyperlinks to additional information or podcasts. Since I do not have these items created, I couldn't list them as hyperlinks)

Alicia Wildfire's project:
The first page is the 'presentation'/ visual representation. For more details, I included the outline too. Thanks.

Kathleen Mullarkey's Project

Nicole Meo'Martino's Final Project:
Please view:

Gabrielle Barnes Final Project:
I created a Webquest using "Web On" to build the webpage:

Alyson Porter Final Project:
This is a webquest for my studenst to complete in the 4th marking period. Step 3 is still missing a wrod docutment but will be added soon.

Denise Bullock Action Learning
I saved this presentation as a slide show before uploading, so that animation would show when you opened it. That doesn't seem to work. anyone know anything more? You can see animation if you click on the slide show icon at the bottom, but I was trying to make it automatic.

Warren Sherlock's Project
I've put together a PPT presentation for my company's training
which still relies on in person onsite training. i would like to update our website
and put together some kind of on-line training. It's a bit basic but we really need it.

Mary Doyle Project for Class #536

Stephanie Austin-Johnson Final Project" Digital Storytelling
I created a digital story progect for our 12th grade Humanities Class
I hope you enjoy. I have uploaded a pdf as well as a webpage based document

Jacquelyn Knuckle
Digital Story Telling Power Point

Kelly Murphy
George Washington Digital Story Telling
Grade 1

Chris Meier
Kaizen and Lean manufacturing

Susanna Siu
Digital Story Telling - In order for the Podcasts to work on Microsoft Publisher. Please download the Publisher file and all three m4a: Michelle.m4a, Mike.m4a, and Cooper.m4a.

Sushan Chin
My project is learning and collaborating with visual data. I combined my outline and a screenshot for this powerpoint presentation.

Rhonda Lawthers Final Project Visual Presentation:
My final project is training for the teachers in my school. This is a flyer to notify them of the upcoming training.

Trivonne Gilliam's Final Project:
A Trainer's resource guide to help develop an instructional plan in the field of social work. I combined training resources and provided links to thimgs such as podcast, webinars, games and etc.,
Trainer's resource guide

Melissa Westphal Final Project
My final project is for a High School history class. Students will use digital storytelling to summarize each candidate and their campaign.
westphal_final project outline.ppt

Sean Ahern's Final Project
My project is for a class learning how to use Microsoft Word 2007.

**Stephania Tomaszewski's Project**
Students will be using digital storytelling to present findings on how changes in technology have impacted society.

Sarah Klinke's final project
My project may seem a little elementary, but my students did it following my guidelines. We all learned together.