This page is for my Drexel students in Winter 08. Digital Project Sharing

Try animoto if you want to make a movie

Christy Rheam: Head to my Wiki

Hi! This is the link to my WikiSpace:

Jennifer Hillemann's project Meghan Bonnie

Rebecca Hunts Final Project wikispace....Enjoy!!!

Carla's WebQuest Presentation (my video at the end plays a song too, so check it out when you get sound!!) :

Gregg Francis:

Kevin Trainer:

Yushaneen Wilson:

Lauren Overton:

Will Muto: Teaching with Scratch

AnnMarie Schamper’s Final Project. Enjoy!

John Ethier
This is my project:Oceanography Project

Chris Speck
Global Warming Quest for Truth is at

Jennifer Gaulin's final project:

Stefanie Jasinski Final Project:Making Music Project

Stephanie Leskinen Final Project:Alternative Energy Final Project

Alexis Buffman Final Project :

Mary Solomon's cool project: Introduction